House of Ora-gun by Studio LOOP

With the unveiling of a new, minimalist two-storey house in Gunma, Japan, Studio LOOP has revisited the idea of self-contained spaces. House of Ora-gun has a floor plan of 17 square meters, a galvanized steel exterior and concrete and aluminium insides.

With windows on the east wall looking out on a large field and the west wall a solid color for heat retention, House of Ora-gun is a perfect home for a small family.

Tall ceilings let in the optimal amount of natural light, and metal grate stairs lead to a inter-floor space that can be used for storage or as a family space.





Via: leibal

Written by Vibz

Vibhu Gairola is a writer, thinker and tea enthusiast who has lived in Singapore, India and Cambodia before settling in Toronto. He is serious about getting things right.

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