Koichi Futatsumata Presents The Shoe Stool

The Shoe Stool by designer Koichi Futatsumata is a task-specific piece of furniture: it’s for putting on, taking off, and caring for your shoes. It’s not an object you come across everyday.

Futatsumata’s stool is crafted from solid steel with a chromatic finish. It’s comprised of a seat, a foot platform and storage section that can hold shoe-maintenance products. The Shoe Stool has a sleek design that can integrate easily into the home.Koichi_Futatsumata-shoe_stool-01Koichi_Futatsumata-shoe_stool-02Koichi_Futatsumata-shoe_stool-04Via: 2modern

Written by Anysia

Anysia is a 23 year old media student currently completing her degree in media studies and photography. She sees life through the lens of a camera and aims to inspire those around her through her photography.