T’14 by Think Work Observe

Based in Udine, Italy, Think Work Observe is a distinguished graphic design studio. Their recent project, entitled: T’14 – Some Things You’ll Never Forget, is a catalogue showcasing Tacchini Italia Furniture’s collections.

Founded in December of 2011 by Piero Di Biase and Alberto Moreu, Think Work Observe designed this catalogue, which features hundreds of stunning photographs, countless profound sketches and a handful of up and coming designers, artists and products. Think-Work-Obserce-T-142 Think-Work-Obserce-T-143 Think-Work-Obserce-T-15 Think-Work-Obserce-T-16 Via: Thisispaper

Written by Jennifer Nguyen

Jennifer is a student at Queen's University learning the ebb and flow of the business world with her degree in Economics. She has a love for the constantly evolving fields of fashion, technology and entrepreneurship.